Permit Worker

The Permit Worker Program allows employers to hire individuals to work up to 500 hours during a calendar year at full journeyworker wages and benefits, provided they first complete two days of orientation and safety training. This is a limited exception to the Mandatory Apprentice Program. The employer and the Permit Worker must satisfy all of the requirements of the Program as set forth below:

  1. Permit Workers must be designated as such at the time of application by the employer. The application is available at under the "Permit Worker" tab.
  2. The Permit Worker must meet the following qualifications: (1) 18+ years old, (2) physically able to perform the work of the trade, (3) ability to comprehend English, (4) at least 10th grade education, (5) Social Security card and (6) valid driver's license.
  3. Once the Fund receives the online application, the Permit Worker will be scheduled for a substance abuse test.
  4. Once notification is received by the Fund that the Permit Worker passed the substance abuse test, the Permit Worker will be scheduled for an appointment at the Training Fund. The Permit Worker will be required to provide the required documents at the time of appointment.
  5. The Permit Worker will be registered into the Union database and have his or her photo taken.
  6. The Permit Worker will be assigned to a Local by the Union.
  7. The Permit Worker will be scheduled for two days of orientation and safety training.
  8. Once the orientation/training process is successfully completed, the Permit Worker is eligible for work.
  9. Employers will be responsible for monitoring hours for all Permit Workers. Should the Permit Worker exceed the 500 hours, the contractor will be considered non-compliant and will be subject to penalty.

Employers will be limited to no more than one Permit Worker for every 10 Laborers it employs, except that employers with less than 10 Laborers can sponsor one Permit Worker. Permit Workers must be re-sponsored each year before beginning work (but will not be required to take another substance abuse test). Four calendar years is the maximum allowable for any Permit Worker.

Employers may request training for their registered Permit Workers. If the Permit Worker attends qualifying classes at the Training Center, he or she will be eligible for the same stipends as a journeyworker.

If at any time a Permit Worker works in excess of 500 hours in a calendar year, his or her employer may be suspended from the Permit Worker and/or Apprentice Programs. Those Permit Workers who want to enter the trade as a full-time employee must be sponsored into the Apprentice Program, must follow the identical protocol as any other applicant and must begin as a first year apprentice.

No individuals who have been terminated from the Apprentice Program will be entitled to work as a Permit Worker. Individuals failing the substance abuse test are not eligible for sponsorship as a Permit Worker for one year.

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Permit Worker Program

If you have not taken advantage of the Permit Worker Program, please take a few minutes and review the attached documents. For any further information, please contact the Training Fund at 630-653-0006.