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The Chicagoland Laborers' District Council Training and Apprentice Fund provides quality training and it's our mission to ensure that our members meet the highest standards and exceed the expectations of our signatory contractors.

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The Training Center offers many classes divided into three general areas:
General Construction, Environmental, and Safety. Working together with our national training center–LIUNA Training, as well as the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Department of Public Health, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA, Environmental Protection Agency, the National Safety Council and various other agencies, we strive to keep our curriculum interesting and current.

General Construction

Terry Wilson, General Construction Department Head
(630) 653-0006 ext. 257,

  • 5 Days

    Advanced Concrete and Wallforming In development

    This course deals with the placement of concrete and today's concrete technology. In addition, students will learn job site safety procedures and regulations.

  • 5 Days

    Advanced Hoisting and Rigging

    Training covers proper rigging techniques. Classroom discussions include safety requirements and OSHA regulations. Hands-on demonstrations cover various configurations using wire rope, slings and nylon straps. Signal Person Safety Training certification is included in the course.

  • 4 Hours

    Aerial Lift

    Training will cover operational safety issues such as fall protection and inspection for both the scissor lift and articulating boom lift. Students will spend the majority of time in a hands-on environment.

  • 2 Days


    Training is designed to prepare Laborers for work on demolition jobs, as well as general construction sites. Classroom studies include OSHA regulations and general knowledge pertaining to cutting techniques. During hands-on training, students learn to set up and use both portable and manifold systems.

  • 5 Days

    Blueprint Reading 1

    Training will instruct students how to identify symbols and recognize abbreviations in drawing sets. Analyze residential floor plans, elevations, sections, as well as practice scaling drawings. Individuals interested in this course should already have an average level of skill at solving mathematical problems.

  • 5 Days

    Blueprint Reading 2

    Blueprint Reading 2 course will address residential, as well as commercial prints. We will address contractor and job specifications, building codes, along with the properties that make up most building materials. Applicants must have completed Blueprint Reading 1.

  • 2 Days

    Concrete Sawing In development

    Equipment for hands-on will include: portable saws, walk-behind saws, wall saws and core drills. Students will practice on both slabs and walls.

  • 5 Days

    Equipment Operation

    Training covers approved safety procedures for the operation of equipment. Learn the basic operation of an industrial forklift, rough terrain forklift and construction skid steer, along with the on-going maintenance procedures. You will get the opportunity to do actual hands-on training. This course is offered to inexperienced drivers only. This course cannot be repeated. Test-outs are available for renewals and experienced drivers.

  • 1 Hour

    Equipment Test-Out (Class 4 and 7 Forklifts, Skid Steer, Scissor Lift or Boom)

    After a review of basic safety and operation procedures for the select pieces of equipment, trainees will be tested. This course is only offered to experienced drivers and individuals who have previously attended the Equipment Operation course.

  • 5 Days

    Line and Grade

    Training is intended to teach students the current grading techniques and prepare them for the latest technology coming into the industry. Hands-on training includes the use of levels and transits, as well as setting coordinates.

Scaffold Courses

All scaffolding courses will include user, erection and dismantlement instruction, as well as fall protection training. Successful completion of any scaffolding course will require each individual to pass a hands-on skills evaluation.

  • 2 Days

    Frame Scaffold

    Hands-on training stressing safety, load limits and inspections.

  • 1 Day

    Suspension Scaffold

    Hands-on training stressing safety, counter weight formulas, load limits and inspections.

  • 2 Days


    Hands-on training stressing safety, load limits, inspections and system operations.

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David Jansa, Environmental Department Head
(630) 653-0006 ext. 237,

  • 3 Days

    Confined Space Entry Training

    This course is for those individuals entering permit-required confined spaces. Classroom topics include OSHA regulations, hazard recognition, atmospheric testing, isolation, lockout/tagout and the rules and responsibilities of the entrant, attendant and supervisor. Hands-on includes ventilation and non-entry rescue.

  • 5 Days

    EPA Accredited AHERA Asbestos Abatement Worker Training/Renewals

    Learn how to remove asbestos safely. This course fulfills all of the EPA, State of Illinois and Indiana requirements for obtaining an Asbestos Worker license. 1-day renewal available.

  • 40 Hours

    EPA Accredited AHERA Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Training/Renewals

    Training fulfills all of the EPA, State of Illinois and Indiana requirements for obtaining an Asbestos Supervisor license. Applicants are required to have a minimum of 2080 hours of asbestos worker experience. 1-day renewal available.

  • 80 Hours

    Hazardous Waste Training (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120)/Renewals

    Training fulfills the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 training requirement for working on hazardous waste sites. Classroom instruction examines the various hazards and health effects, as well as PPE used. The hands-on portion of training involves performing remediation and decontamination procedures. Confined Space Certification is also included. 1-day renewal available.

  • TBD

    Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) In development

    A required certification for all Laborers working in a hospital or healthcare environment. Topics will include: safe work practices; setting up and maintaining a negative air environment; removing debris; constructing barriers to prevent the spread of infectious diseases; monitoring the work environment; inspecting, donning and removing personal protection equipment, as well as constructing, maintaining and demobilizing the work environment.

  • 5 Days

    Lead Abatement Worker Training/Renewal

    Training will review health effects, protective clothing, respirators, safety procedures and hands-on training for lead abatement. Fulfills EPA and State of Illinois requirements. 1-day renewal available.

  • 5 Days

    Lead Abatement Supervisor Training/Renewal

    Training prepares you for the State of Illinois' Third Party Exam requirement for obtaining an Illinois Lead Abatement Supervisor license. Applicants are required to have a minimum of 2000 hours of lead worker experience or 4000 hours of combined environmental worker experience. 1-day renewal available.

  • 2 Days

    Lead RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) Training/Renewals

    Class covers rules regarding activities that disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 houses and child occupied facilities. 1-day renewal available.

  • 1 Day

    Microbial Remediation (Mold Removal)

    Training will deal with indoor air quality, sick building syndrome, health effects, remediation techniques, sampling, safety, as well as avian-related diseases.

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John Retondo, Safety Department Head
(630) 653-0006 ext. 252,

  • 2 Days

    10-hour OSHA Safety and Health

    Training will provide Laborers with a better understanding of construction safety, as well as the identification and prevention of hazards on a construction site. Their rights to a safe-work environment will be discussed as detailed in OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Individuals will be issued the 10-hour OSHA card upon successful completion of the course.

  • 5 Days

    30-hour OSHA Safety and Health

    Training for Laborers with safety responsibilities on the job site. Training will emphasize the identification, avoidance, prevention and control of hazards. You will be issued the 30-hour OSHA card upon successful completion of this course.

  • TBD

    Fire Stop In development

    The course is meant to teach individuals how to evaluate when to use listed and/or approved fire stop materials and assemblies in buildings. Individuals will be taught various fire stop classifications, as well as testing requirements and procedures.

  • 1 Day

    First Aid/CPR AED

    In this class, you will learn the latest techniques from the American Red Cross. Students will learn and practice the steps in giving first aid, CPR, as well as be taught how to use the automated external defibrillator (AED).

  • 4 Hours

    Flagger Certification

    Approved Illinois Flagger Certification training.

  • 4 Hours

    Hazard Communication

    This class explains the OSHA 1910.1200 regulation in order for students to know and understand the information about the hazards of chemicals used on the work site, as well as how to take the necessary protective measures. Includes the newly updated Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

  • 1 Day

    Operator Pipeline Qualification (Update Testing)

    Update testing for experienced pipeline workers.

  • 80 Hours

    Pipeline Technology

    The Pipeline Technology course will be composed of both classroom and hands-on training. Students will learn about the different crews, equipment and other basic pipeline tasks. Some topics include: silt screen fence setup, chain saw operation, M-scope operation, skid setting, sandblasting, coating applications and cad welding. Students will also be tested for a variety of Operator Qualification tasks.

  • 4 Hours

    Signal Person Safety Training

    Learn proper signals in accordance with the new OSHA rules for derricks and cranes in construction.

  • 1 Day

    Trench and Excavation Solutions

    Training will include an overview of OSHA's Subpart P, as well as several hours of hands-on work with trenching and shoring systems. Students will be introduced to hydraulic shores, wood timbers, screw jacks and shield systems.

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