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Executive Administration

Executive Director, Thomas Nordeen
630-653-0006 ext. 229

Training Director, Keith Vitale
630-653-0006 ext. 251

Controller/HR, David Busch
630-653-0006 ext. 227


Apprentice Program

Director of Apprenticeship,
Paul Hoetzer

City of Chicago Apprentice Supervisor/Instructor,
John Retondo
630-653-0006 ext. 252

Training Departments

Assistant Training Director/Instructor, Alfredo Ascencio
630-653-0006 ext. 256

Environmental Department Head/Instructor
David Jansa
630-653-0006 ext. 237

General Construction Department Head/Instructor
Steve Wilson
630-653-0006 ext. 255
Safety Department Head/Instructor
Matthew Vilim
630-653-0006 ext. 236


Safety Department

Safety Manager/Instructor, Marcus Roberts
630-653-0006 ext. 238



Raphael Adlam

Jorge Espinoza

Richard Rasmussen III

Terrence Wilson

Donald Calhoun

Greg Pattison

Frankie Smith

Central Purchasing

Purchasing Manager
Richard Schumann
630-653-0006 ext. 230

Administrative Assistants

Office Manager
Miranda Maddie
630-653-0006 ext. 225

Assistant Office Manager
Felicita Ruiz
630-653-0006 ext. 224

Savannah Maddie

Tina Adlam

Building Maintenance

Daniel Gallagher
Chuck Schmidt

Adam Reinhofer

Contact us at:

Carol Stream 630-653-0006