Grace Period From Pre-Employment Registration Process

In order to make it easier for signatory employers to hire new employees, signatory employers are able to complete this form to obtain a 14-day grace period from the pre-employment registration process. If the employees have not commenced the registration process prior to the end of the 14-day period and continue to work after the end of that project, they will be considered Non-Compliant Laborers subject to the rules outlined below:

For Non-Compliant Laborers who are not registered in the Mandatory Apprentice Program and continue working, their employers will be required to contribute to the Fund an additional $5 per hour for each hour worked on and after July 1, 2023. This $5 per hour contribution is in addition to the $.91 per hour contribution to the Fund that is required of all signatory employers.


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14-Day Grace Period

By applying for a 14-day grace period to the apprenticeship application, you agree to the Apprenticeship Application Grace Period Terms and Conditions...

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