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Scaffold Technology "IAS"

5 Days

Effective April 1, 2020

The CLTAF's Scaffold Program has been redesigned to meet industry needs and demands of our Laborers. The CLTAF Scaffold Program will consist of the following independent training courses:

5-Day Scaffold Technology Course

This 5-Day training will include the following topics and scaffold systems:

  • Scaffold User Safety - OSHA Subpart L
  • Scaffold Tools and P.P.E.
  • Building Frame Scaffolds
  • Building Tube and Clamp Scaffolds
  • Building System Scaffolds
  • Proper Use and Safely Working 
    on Elevated Work Platforms (Scissor and Boom Lifts)

This Scaffold Technology training certification will expire in 4 years and participants will need to take the  1-Day Scaffold Refresher to renew their skills/certification.

The 5-Day Scaffold Technology and 1-Day Suspension Course Certificates/Skills will expire every 4 years. Participants will be required to attend this 1-Day Refresher Course every 4 years to maintain their current certificates/skills. There will be a 1-year grace period extended to you to renew your certification.


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